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About Us

The NERO Wallet is...

A super premium minimalist slim wallet made with leather, denim or Alcantara.

- 100% Made in Europe, not in China.

Sold direct. Premium leather wallets cost anywhere from $90 - $290+ in department stores. Cheap ones are only a few bucks less. And that's without the guarantee or free mending, of course. Nero Wallet is cutting out the middleman to keep the price to just half of what it should be.



NeroWallet is a small family owned company - from Romania/European Union (EU) - which makes high quality ultra slim wallets and card holders. Our goal is to develop high quality products, which are functional, easy to use, in a minimalist form that fits comfortably in most pockets. 

All of our products are made with the highest quality materials, which include leather, Alcantara, denim, limited edition fabric and elastic. We use the most current technology in our manufacturing and we are proud of the craftsmanship and attention to detail you will enjoy in every NeroWallet product. 

We continue to receive positive feedback on the quality, value, minimalist design, functionality and easy of use of our all products from our many satisfied customers.